The Biggest Car Dealerships in the UK

Subscribing to Abbey Car Centre will let you in on all the latest articles about car dealerships in the UK. There are too many outstanding car dealerships to mention here, but here are a couple of honourable mentions that have made their mark on the automotive industry.


Volkswagen service centres have been remarkably consistent over the last few decades, providing customers with quality automobiles. The salespeople seem to know their way around VW’s and have been watching clients return to their showrooms time and time again.

Despite the competitive market, Volkswagen still manages to hold on to a loyal customer base. Volkswagen started all the way back in 1937, and it is good to know that it is still making waves in the automotive market.


Nissan dealers still manage to impress customers strolling through their showrooms. The best reviews coming from Nissan’s retail operations concerns its staff, with comments of friendliness and knowledgeable salespeople making the rounds. Nissan has made incredible technological advances with its extensive range of trucks.


The Ford Fiesta supermini normally tops the UK best-seller list. Ford service centres have gained many great reviews in the workmanship category, with amazing value and customer satisfaction to speak of. As of 2020, Ford boasts a remarkable 4.9% of customers that reported facing issues at their service centres.


Porsche is arguably among the best dealers in the country. The German carmaker has won countless rewards since its inception in 1948. The showrooms are comfortable, and the salespeople are exceptionally knowledgeable and friendly.

Even though its target market is aimed at the wealthy, the brand still competes with its rivals in the category of luxury sports cars. It seems that Porshe service centres and its world-renowned brand will continue to flaunt its customers for many decades to come.

Taking a quick look at all these top-notch dealerships that drive a competitive automotive market in the UK, it is clear that customer service and satisfaction is largely responsible for their success stories.